Watermelon Salad Recipe with Jicama and Cucumber

Below is a recipe for a watermelon jicama salad, complete with mint and cucumber to make you feel like a walking breath of fresh air.


California is hot right now. Not quite shower-twice-a-day hot, but close. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, grillin’ n chillin’, sippin’ drinks by the pool and apparently removing the letter ‘g’ from the end of words.

Photo of Tarah Venn, RDN in her kitchen holding a slice of watermelon for watermelon salad

I gotta say, I’d prefer to NOT eat anything hot this time of year, unless it’s after the sun has gone down. But we still have to eat so, why not make something refreshing and light? Ya? Yeah. 

Some of the health perks:

  • You won’t feel too full to go swimming right after you eat.

  • Jicama is packed with vitamin C and fiber to keep you healthy and your digestive system happy.

  • Watermelon will help you stay hydrated on hot days and LYCOPENE - an antioxidant that has countless health benefits

Behold, most refreshing salad ever:

Watermelon Salad Recipe with Jicama and Cucumberhttps://youtu.be/ct3dLzwOYqQ?t=3This watermelon salad is a refreshing crowd pleaser and the perfect summer BBQ side dish!https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/59f780cab7411c1be25adad1/1532656374760-OKCEOOBR7DYBQVHL9GHE/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kCDnvzZDSTqrZYB0qToMReZ7gQa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0fDoOvxcdMmMKkDsyUqMSsMWxHk725yiiHCCLfrh8O1z4YTzHvnKhyp6Da-NYroOW3ZGjoBKy3azqku80C789l0psyQQR5KrxgIm8QcotvsYtvUHnJsni5ivcu2RP0UO8zWN1uCXtq4fHLhtl5lYmmpQ/Watermelon+salad+recipe?format=1000w2018-07-26

Watermelon Salad with Jicama and Cucumber

Yield: 4
prep time: 15 Mcook time: total time: 15 M
Refreshing watermelon salad with jicama, cucumber, mint and chili lime seasoning.


  • ¼ large watermelon, cubed (about 4 cups)
  • ½ jicama, peeled and cut into strips (about 1 cup)
  • ½ large cucumber or 1 Persian cucumber - sliced
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Trader Joe’s chile lime seasoning blend (Or paprika, chile powder and lime zest to taste if you can’t make it to TJ’s)
  • ¼ cup fresh mint 
  • Fresh cilantro - optional, to taste


How to cook Watermelon Salad with Jicama and Cucumber

  1. Cube 1/4 of large watermelon, place in large bowl 
  2. Peel 1/2 of jicama, cut into strips - add to bowl
  3. Cut cucumber - add to bowl (peeling optional)
  4. Mix together
  5. Drizzle the olive oil, lime juice, then add mint and cilantro, mix again
  6. Add pepper, and chili lime seasoning, to taste. I recommend starting small and adding more as desired.
  7. Mix one last time and enjoy! If prepping in advance, store in the fridge.



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