Grilled Honey Sriracha Tofu

Creativity is the real spice of life. Especially when it comes to food. There are so many times when I wake up with an idea about what I’m going to make for breakfast and that is the literal driving force that gets me out of bed. As soon as mid-day hits, I’ve already got my mind on dinner, wondering what I have to work with on my palette for the evening. Today was another one of those days. The recipe below just came to me, and I thought, “maybe we should film this in case it turns out good.”


It turned out good.


I’d like to dispel some tofu myths while I have you here:

  1. Dudes, tofu isn’t going to turn you into a girl. Not that being one is a bad thing, because it’s pretty great if you ask me, but, what I’m getting at is that you can stop being such a scaredy cat and start eating tofu because the only thing it will do to you is nourish you and give you a healthy source of protein.

    If you want to know more - YES soy (which is what tofu is made of) contains something called a phytoestrogen which may mimic estrogen in the body. Estrogen is a hormone produced by both women and men. In order for the phytoestrogens in soy to influence the male body in any noticeable way, men would need to eat INSANE amounts of it and even then, there are no studies backing the idea that eating soy will feminize a man. So chill out and enjoy.

  2. Tofu isn’t only for hippies and people who live in California. If you don’t believe me, check out this article on why some members of the NFL are going vegan, or just google vegan pro-athletes and see how the fitness world has been on their tofu game for years now.

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A Word On Grilling Tofu:

Grilling tofu can be tricky because tofu loves to stick to things. Make sure you oil up whatever surface you choose and cut the tofu in a way that it doesn’t fall down into the grill. I used a grill pan to make it easy. Your tofu should be golden brown and crispy, so look out for that lightly-roasted marshmallow color to know it’s done.

This honey sriracha tofu recipe can be paired with quinoa and greens as I did, or added atop a veggie stir-fry with brown rice. Add pineapple for a Pacific Island twist or make coconut rice to really have fun with it. To make tofu more flavorful, try marinating it for an hour prior to grilling.

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(recipe yields about 3 servings)

1 lb block extra firm tofu

~¼ cup Sriracha

~¼ cup honey

1 tbsp freshly chopped ginger

1 tbsp lime juice

1 fresh jalapeño, diced

1 cup fresh bell pepper, chopped - I used baby bells but regular are fine too

Olive oil or grilling spray


  1. Combine sriracha, honey, lime juice and chopped ginger and mix well. You’ll need to play with the proportions to get the taste you prefer - more sriracha if you like it hot, more honey if you like it sweet, more lime if you like a lil zest.

  2. Dice and chop the jalapeño. You should probably wash your hands after doing this. Definitely don’t touch your eyes.

  3. Pour the sauce and peppers into a medium sized pan on low-medium heat. Let the peppers cook, stirring occasionally, about 10-15 mins.

  4. Get your grill going, place the oiled tray on the grill and turn the heat to medium.

  5. Drain the tofu, slice into ¼ inch strips.

  6. Place tofu on the heated, oiled tray and grill until golden brown, then flip and grill the other side until golden brown.

  7. Place tofu on a bed of quinoa, rice or veggies, and drizzle the warm peppers and sauce over the dish.

  8. Enjoy!