Santa Cruz Eats and Redwood Greatness

one of the ideal ways to spend a day in santa cruz

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Familiar Fantasyland

We hopped into my trusty old Fiat and set out for the mountains. It was a Saturday morning and we were heading to my old stomping grounds in Santa Cruz to spend the day hiking, breathing in the fresh mountain air and tickling the fuzzy redwood bark. Of course, as we zoomed closer to the coast, winding through highway 152, finally hitting the legendary highway 1, the blanket of California fog began to engulf my warm little pod of a car. Temperatures dropped from the 80s, as we passed through the boutique wineries of Gilroy, down into the 60s as we transitioned into the forests of the Santa Cruz mountains.


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Nature Walkin'

When we arrived at our destination, the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, the temperature was perfect for a scamper through the redwoods. And so we went, hopping on rocks over the flowing creek, feet crunching on pine needles, taking in the greatness that is Northern California.


When our appetites started to kick in (whaddup grehlin) I already knew where I wanted to go. We slid back into the Fiat, our hearts full and our bodies refreshed (thanks, nature) and made the journey into Santa Cruz where we strolled into West End Tap & Kitchen for some flatbread and brews.


It was a pretty perfect day. I'll definitely try to duplicate this artichoke mushroom lemon-zest flatbread and what better way to wash it down than with a delicious IPA. Until then, check it out at West End Tap!