Living My Fullest Life.


Nice to meet you! I grew up in the foggy San Francisco Bay Area, the land of innovation and forward thinking, the land of balancing an insane work ethic with living life to the maximum and slowing down to enjoy every moment. I believe in going outside on sunny days and listening to jazz on rainy ones. I believe life is for the living and I'd like to do that with as much blissful fervor as humanly possible. I use nutrition to help power me through it all, especially the challenges. 

I found nutrition shortly after discovering that science is basically the coolest thing ever. Discovering the wonders of the human body and the impact that nutrients can have on everything from gene expression to disease prevention thrusted me into the world of complementary and alternative medicine research at Stanford University. There, I continued to feed my never-ending intrigue for wellness and the science behind it. 

After concluding my work at Stanford, I leapt into the next challenge: the dietetic credentialing program at Cornell University. There I would continue with health research and complete my clinical residency, eventually earning my credential as a Registered Dietitian. 

Science is what gets my heart pumping and my mind whirling. When I'm not working with clients, you'll catch me nose-deep in the latest nutrition research (or nose deep in my next culinary masterpiece). My Bay Area roots inspired me to share health and nutrition science, my kitchen creations and coaching through a telehealth platform (because it's not 1990, folks) so I can connect with you from anywhere in the world while I'm out living my fullest life, and you can do the same. Because life is for the living and I'm here to support you in living yours.

Outside of the nutrition world, I am a world traveler, scuba diver, camper and hiker and amateur photographer. I'm a cat lady. I dig the blues. I live for the human connection, but love the beauty of solitude. I have a love/hate relationship with running and I think the beach is prettier on stormy days. If I didn't pursue a career in nutrition, I would have studied art or become a writer.