Tarah Venn, RDN





Personalized Coaching

Healthy eating doesn't have to be a burden. Experience individualized one-on-one or group nutrition coaching centered around your unique needs and interests. We'll work together to establish a comprehensive nutrition plan complete with realistic goals and milestones. You'll gain the knowledge and tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle without over-complicating things or spending hours in the kitchen. Convenient virtual appointments are available. 


Kitchen Makeovers

The kitchen is were it all happens! With a kitchen revamp we dive in and optimize the tools you have to work with. Imagine begin excited to open the refrigerator and see easy, healthy options. No more boring weeknight dinners or meals that leave you feeling under-energized. From personalized grocery lists to creating a meal together, the kitchen makeover is fun, inspiring and beneficial in achieving long-term goals and an overall healthy lifestyle. 


Meal Plans

Seriously, you don't need to eat chicken breast with brown rice and broccoli every day. That's not fun. Let's get creative. Don't worry, we'll keep it simple and totally delicious. For those that like structure or would just enjoy a starting block, meal plans are a great road map for the journey ahead. These deliciously personalized patterns are configured using your calculated needs and personal preferences depending on established goals and health-related complexities. 


Workshops & Presentations

I'd love to present at your event or develop a nutrition workshop to share with your group. I cover topics such as:

-Mindful Eating

- Cooking on a Budget/ Easy Meals for the Busy Professional

-Nutrition for Athletes

-Nutrition Hot Topics

-General Nutrition 

-Nutrition for Specific Health Conditions 



Start Your Journey


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